Multimedia 4 Everyone

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMIL pronounced "smile"
A Multimedia Language made for Everyone


Benefits of SMIL/Timesheets 1. Media is not compressed again. 2. Text is HTML text searchable, translatable or SVG text. 3. Easy to edit by just changing text. Break up ideas so that they can be understood one part at a time with text, images/video and audio. Cons are there are only a handful doing this.
Simple examples of text, images, and audio with controls to start and stop the presentation.

Setting the Body's Sleep Clock, Download
Drugs Deplete Nutrients, Download
Vital B12, Download
Fear of Fats, Download
A1_Beta-Casein-Morphine-7_milk, Download
Unhealthy Healthcare, Download
K2 - The Cute Vitamin, Download
Bone Broth, Download
Vision Nutrition Lutein and Zeaxanthin, Download
Statins vs Low Carb High Fat', Download
Parallel Jesus sayings from Q and Thomas, Download
The Big Pharma Game, Download
Coenzyme Q10 - Q, Download
Forgive for Health, Download
Plant Goitrogens, Download
Compost, Download
Clover Garden, Download
Cancer is a metabolic disease, Download
Super Sourdough, Download
Cholesterol levels Masai to Tokelau, Download
Vitamin A, Download
Text technology and Christianity click on text for more info, Download
Namibia, Download
Human-Microbiome controls are on the bottom, Download
Keep Cool online, Download
New You, Download
Planting Carbon, Download
Hawks, Download

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plus the few audio, images and video files
that I made are under this CC license:
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Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Most of the media files fall under their own copyright licenses.