SMIL Links

I'd like to thank the people that got the ball rolling on SMIL. Herve Foucher and his SOJA player, Teotonio Simões and his English and Portuguese SMIL tutorials. They may have moved on to other interests, but their initial enthusiasm made it possible for SMIL to get to the 3.0 version.

SMIL Development

W3C's Synchronized Multimedia Activity

maintained by Thierry Michel

AMBULANT Project, SMIL 2.0

Download AMBULANT SMIL Player

RealPlayer, SMIL 2.0

Download RealPlayer
RealPlayer's Documentation
Helix \ RealPlayer community

QuickTime player, SMIL 1.0

Download QuickTime Player
Intro To SMIL Scripting Guide for QuickTime

Microsoft IE 6.0, HTML+TIME

Download IE 6.0
HTML+TIME Documentation

To be continued...
Jose Ramirez 2007