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Millions take statins to lower their cholesterol and millions more are about to take it

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Statins side effects:
-muscle pain
-memory loss
-reduced CoQ10, Vitamin D over 30 compounds

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"Statins add 15 years to your life
they don't make you live 15 years longer
they make you feel 15 years older"
Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

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The amount of carbs determine the amount of fats the body stores

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Low Carbs High Fat lowers:
-trigs/dense LDLs
-blood sugar
-blood pressure

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Running on fat, fats don't accumulate they become Co2 and water

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"With a low carb diet... You can treat all the symptoms and signs of metabolic syndrome with one intervention and it's non toxic if it's done well."
Jeff Volek PhD, RD