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Around 8,000 years ago all cows were A2 beta casein

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A genetic mutation occurred in European cattle producing A1 beta casein milk

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A fragment of the protein A1 beta casein breaks off into Beta-casomorphin-7.

Beta Casein Morphine 7

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In a double-blind randomized cross-over study A1 milk has been linked to bloating and abdominal pain

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Natural A2 milk:
human, goat, sheep, buffalo milk from Asia, camel, pure African and Asian cattle, cattle DNA tested free of A1

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When the public understands what A1 beta casein morphine 7 milk is and does they'll be a demand for the natural A2 beta casein milk.

"To breed a typical European type herd to A2 A2, by that I mean having the double copies, it can be achieved in 1 to 2 cow generations"

Keith Woodford, professor of farm management and agribusiness, Lincoln University, NZ