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Text: 'Around 8,000 years ago all cows were A2 beta casein' and 'A genetic mutation occurred in European cattle producing A1 beta casein milk'
From A2 Milk, Farmer Decisions, and Risk Management Originally all cow milk was of the A2 type. However, a genetic mutation, probably between 5000 and 10,000 years ago, has resulted in a proportion of cows of European breeds producing a casein variant called A1 beta-casein.

Text: 'A fragment of the protein A1 beta casein breaks off into Beta-casomorphin-7. '
From A2 Milk, Farmer Decisions, and Risk Management Empirical evidence from at least three laboratories confirms that, in vitro and in the presence of digestive enzymes, A1 beta-casein releases large amounts of beta-casomorphin7 (BCM7) whereas A2 milk does not (Hartwig et al. 1997, Jinsmaa and Yoshikawa 1999).

Text: 'In a double-blind randomized cross-over study A1 milk has been linked to bloating and abdominal pain'
From Milk Intolerance, Beta-Casein and Lactose In humans, a double-blind, randomized cross-over study showed that participants consuming A1 beta-casein type cows’ milk experienced statistically significantly higher Bristol stool values compared with those receiving A2 beta-casein milk. Additionally, a statistically significant positive association between abdominal pain and stool consistency was observed when participants consumed the A1 but not the A2 diet.
And from Curtin University research conducts first human study on A2 milk with subjects reporting less bloat and pain than digesting A1 milk This pilot study at Curtin University, by Associate Professor Sebely Pal of the School of Public Health, found subjects on an A2 milk diet reported less bloating abdominal pain, and firmer stools, by staying off A1 beta-casein.

Text: 'Natural A2 milk: human, goat, sheep, buffalo milk from Asia, camel, pure African and Asian cattle, cattle DNA tested free of A1'
From Professor Keith Woodford - FAB Conference, 21 March 2014, London Professor Keith Woodford at 04.43 "So milk free from A1 beta casein that includes goat milk, sheep milk, buffalo milk much of Asia, camel milk if your in the middle east, all milk from pure African and Asian cattle and A2 milk a branded product and of course human milk is also free from A1 beta casein."

Text: Professor Keith Woodford at 06.31 "To breed a typical European type herd to A2 A2, by that I mean having the double copies, it can be achieved in 1 to 2 cow generations"
From Professor Keith Woodford - FAB Conference, 21 March 2014, London

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