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Gelatinous Jiggly Bone Broth

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Gelatin = Collagen
The most abundant protein in the body

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Skin, tendons, ligaments, internal organs, bones and vascular system

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Cornea and the vitreous humour of the eye

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Collagen keeps the walls of our arteries and other hollow organs strong

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Over 27 types of collagen needed

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Collagen fibers are the rebars in our bodies providing structure

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The protein sugars in broth help grow collagen strengthening bone, joints

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Basic Bone Broth recipe:

Bone joints, filtered water, veggies, vinegar, non-reactive cookware

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Bone Broth's proline, glycine, glutamine:
"So theoretically our bodies can produce them from what are called the essential amino acids.

"But in practice most are not healthy enough to do so and we benefit greatly getting these from food."
Kaayla Daniel, Ph.D in Nutrition