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Text: 'It's dogma that cancer is a genetic disease'
The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and Its Role in Cancer Treatment Thomas N. Seyfried Ph.D. in Biology "Let me start off by addressing the issue of whether cancer is a genetic disease or whether it’s a mitochondrial metabolic disease, which I’ve said in my book. This goes to the very heart of the problem in my mind. We’re not going to make major advances in the management of cancer until it becomes recognized as a metabolic disease. But in order to do that, you have to – at least, I did – present a massive counterargument against the gene theory of cancer. You know, one of the key issues here is that if you transplant the nucleus of a cancer cell into a normal cell, you don’t get cancer cells. You can actually get normal tissues and sometimes a whole normal organism from the nucleus of a cancer cell. Now, if the tumors are being driven by driver genes – all these kinds of mutations and things that we hear about – how is it possible that all of this is changed when you place this cancer nucleus into the cytoplasm of a cell with normal mitochondria?"

Text: 'When the mitochondria gets damaged it can't produce enough energy'
What Women Must Know – On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer – 02/18/13 Dr. Thomas Seyfried at 27:50 "....So everything goes through the mitachondria. And the mitachondria now when they become unable to produce energy at the level needed for normal cell function. If they can't do that, the mitachondria signals the nucleus of the cell to now begin to up regulate those genes needed to ferment. So the oncogenes that people talk about and everybody focuses on that are downstream of respiratory damage, so the oncogenes turn on to allow the cell to ferment when energy from respiration is defective."

Text: 'Then the cell ferments mainly glucose and cancer starts'
Professor Thomas Seyfried on Carbohydrates and Cancer Dr. Thomas Seyfried at 26:07 "What we found and others have found is glucose is a major fuel or the major fuel for many cancers. But glutamine is also a fuel for the cancer, glutamine and glucose work togeather to drive the fermtation metabolism of these cancer cells. I don't know of any cancer where glucose and glutamine are not primary fuels, I think these are the primary fuels for all cancer."

Text: 'Keeping blood glucose low manages/prevents cancer'
What Women Must Know – On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer – 02/18/13 Dr. Thomas Seyfried at 42:47 "...of course the glucose is going to be a fuel for the growing tumor cells, in other words high glucose will provoke the growth and progression of the tumor. On the other hand... it's not the glucose that initiates a tumor it's the inflammation. So high blood sugar levels leads to all kinds of inflammatory diseases in obesity, diabetes and all this kind of stuff. It's the glucose that provokes inflammation and certain hypoxic areas and that is what will link high glucose to cancer it, it's not the glucose itself..."

Text: "We’re at the very beginning of our quest to manage these complex diseases using non-toxic, natural approaches." Thomas N. Seyfried Ph.D.
The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and Its Role in Cancer Treatment

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