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Text: "Q is essential for energy"
From Vitamin Primer Coenzyme Q10: Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), or Vitamin Q, is a substance present in every cell of the body which is essential for the production of energy...

Text: 'Q is low in failing hearts'
From An Interview with Peter H. Langsjoen, MD October 21, 2011 at 33:75 Dr. Peter H. Langsjoen "When CoQ10 came along, you know it was discovered in 1957 and then there was a decade or so of basic animal work and biochemical work. And then another decade or so of early Japanese work all of which was favorable and it showed very simply that CoQ10 which is the cofactor essential for the great majority of cell energy production was very low in animals and then later in human studies in the failing heart. And it was low if you measured it in the blood and was even more accurately low if you took a biopsy of the heart."

Text: 'Q is made by the body when these nutrients are present -amino acids Tyr, Met -trace minerals Mg, Se... -B and C vitamins'
From Dr Peter Langsjoen discusses Statin-Induced CoQ10 DepletionDr Peter Langsjoen at 39:06
Coenzyme Q10 Biosynthesis
-From the amino acid tyrosine
-At least 7 vitamins are needed
-B6, Folate, C, B2, B3, B12, Pantothenic Acid
-several trace minerals are needed
-Mg, Se, etc.
-Methionine is needed for methylations

Text: 'Q's a powerful self regenerating antioxidant' 'Protecting the mitochondria from free radicals'
From Peter Langsjoen, MD discusses the clinical implications of Coenzyme Q10 IAOMT 2007 L.V. Dr Peter Langsjoen at 10:45 "So it clearly is a first line antioxidant, many compounds are touted as being very potent antioxidants but really counts is do they have meaning in our cellular physiology and there is strong evidence that coenzyme Q does. These little mitachondia that are remarkable little balls of energy but at any rate not only do you produce heat and atp but a lot of free radicals and you have to good antioxidant defense there."
and at 12:02 "Coenzyme Q is the only antioxidant that can self regenerate."

Text: 'Q also protects cholesterol from oxidizing'
From The Epidemic of Statin Overuse and Toxicity. Peter H. Langsjoen, M.D. at 32:09 Dr. Peter H. Langsjoen "And it's been very well shown if you supplement even with a little bit of Q you make it almost impossible to oxidize your cholesterol it really protects it, if you take a statin you decrease this protection"

Text: 'Q levels peak in the early 20's'
From The Epidemic of Statin Overuse and Toxicity. Peter H. Langsjoen, M.D. Dr Peter Langsjoen at 24:42 "Q peaks naturally in your 20's, early 20's and then from then on for reasons we don't understand it declines a bit and you become more dependent on organ meats to keep it up."

Text: 'Exercise increases Q levels'
From Dr Peter Langsjoen discusses Statin-Induced CoQ10 Depletion Dr Peter Langsjoen at 41:04 CoQ10 Biosynthesis -biosynthisis is stimulated by intermittent oxidative stress, including intermittent exercise

Text: "If you eat heart it is a really good way to get your Q level up and it's cheap" Dr. Peter Langsjoen
at 37:00 Dr Peter Langsjoen discusses Statin-Induced CoQ10 Depletion

Text: 'Mental note: Statins lower the body's production of Q'
From Wikipedia Coenzyme Q10 The "statin" family of cholesterol-reducing medications inhibit HMG Co-A reductase. Side effect of statins is decreased production of CoQ-10, which leads to myopathy and rhabdomyolysis. CoQ10 supplementation prevents myopathy and rhabdomyolysis caused by statins.

Text: 'Skin creams with enough Q can protect against photoaging'
From Dr Peter Langsjoen discusses Statin-Induced CoQ10 Depletion Dr. Peter Langsjoen at 12:45 "If you add enough Q to skin creams you can protect skin from photoaging"

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