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Text: 'The prevailing fear of saturated fats began in the 1950s with Ancel Keys' epidemiological study'
From Body IO FM 22 - Nina Teicholz and The Big Fat Surprise Nina Teicholz at 1:02:12 "Ancel Keys he was a epidemiologist, it was his gigantic epidemiological study in the 1950s that led to our first anti-saturated fat recommendation"

Text: 'Even though epidemiological/associational studies are right 0 to 20% of the time'
From 19: Is Saturated Fat Bad? – Nina Teicholz Nina Teicholz at 20:04 "In fact when they've gone and tried to confirm epidemiological findings they are right 0 to 20% of the time."

Text: 'The fear of high fat diets are so strong NIH won't fund the research'
From Body IO FM 22 - Nina Teicholz and The Big Fat Surprise Nina Teicholz at 28:18 "The National Institute of Health has considered the high fat diet so dangerous it wouldn't it fund any research of it in fact the only study that I know was funded it came out of the budget line for alternative medicine the branch that funds acupuncture but it wasn't their nutrition department."

Text: 'The 2016 USDA Advisory Committee wouldn't even look at the over 70 randomized control clinical low carb trials'
From The LLVLC Show (Episode 1065): Nina Teicholz Periscope Interview On The Final 2015 Dietary Guidelines Nina Teicholz at 06:49 "They didn't do a literature review on the low carbohydrate diet, they just didn't do it. So I point out well you know actually there've been over 70 randomized control clinical trials on the low carbohydrate diet. How come you couldn't find and why didn't you do a review."

Text: 'Science has shown the opposite is true, high fat/low carb diets control heart disease, obesity and diabetes'
From Intelligent Medicine Podcast: The big fat surprise with Nina Teicholz, Part 1 Nina Teicholz at 04:43 "What has happened in the last decade, the science has been done there has been numerous large really rigorous clinical trials that have been done comparing a low fat high carbohydrate diet to a basically an Atkins diet a high fat low carbohydrate diet. And those studies really definitely show on many different kinds of populations that the high fat low carbohydrate diet looks better for heart disease, obesity and diabetes all those markers."

Text: 'And saturated fat turns out to the best fat, it's the only food that will raise HDL the good cholesterol'
From #2 Nina Teicholz The Great Fat Fiasco Nina Teicholz at 41:22.70 "But really the most efficient way to raise your HDL is to eat saturated fat. that will reliably increase your HDL your good cholesterol and your HDL is one of the strongest best predictors for heart attack risk"

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