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Out of the 600 carotenoid pigments in nature

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Fifty are in our diet about 20 in our bloodstream

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Only 2 pigments enter the eye
lutein and zeaxanthin

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-Blocking blue light

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-Leafy greens and herbs rich sources
-Cooked spinach 12 mg/100 g
-Can covert to meso-zeaxanthin

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-Cooked scallions and orange peppers top sources
-Eggs and corn products good sources

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Better bioavailability with butter

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Aim for 6 mg Lutein/Zeaxanthin a day

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Increased lutein decreases the risk for incurable Age-related Macular Degeneration

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Eat leafy greens

to see the leaves in the trees.
Eat leafy greens
to see the one you want to squeeze.