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Christianity year 30 to 70 no text, only Aramaic stories

Wikipedia Jesus 7-2 BC/BCE to 30–36 AD/CE
Professor Bart Ehrman at 2:56 "These Gospels are not by eyewitness at all. The eyewitness to Jesus were of course his disciples ... These people would have been uneducated. Would not have known how to read or write and they spoke Aramaic. The Gospels on the other hand are written by highly educated Christians writing in Greek..."

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Around year 70 Aramaic stories are handwritten in Greek

Professor Bart Ehrman at 2:37 "The Gospels were written 40 or 50 years after Jesus but they incorporate earlier written sources and they are all reliant on oral traditions."

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In 1450's handwritten text were converted to printed text

The Gutenberg Bible was the first major book printed with movable type in the West...printed by Johannes Gutenberg, in Mainz, Germany, in the 1450s.

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In the 1990's hypertext linking, the 2nd Information Revolution began.

Berners-Lee on August 6, 1991, posted a short summary of the World Wide Web project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup.
1st Information Revolution in Renaissance Europe the arrival of mechanical movable type printing introduced the era of mass communication which permanently altered the structure of society...

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For the public the doors to history have been closed. Pastors/Priests were taught but most people were not.

Professor Bart Ehrman at 23 sec. Question: I'm quoting, you say most people in the street and in the pew have never heard of this before why the big secret? Bart Ehrman "Well that's a great question and it's the one I've been wrestling with. The answer I think is that there is a two prong answer. First I think, scholars who teach these things and do research on them, have done a terrible job of communicating them to normal human beings. As a rule scholars aren't the best communicators to normal folks. The second reason is a little more puzzling which is that, Pastors that go to divinity school of seminary learn this material in their Bible courses. But when they get into churches they don't seem to teach their parishioners. I'm not sure the reason for that is but it seems to be the case that most people in the churches don't know this material."

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Now thanks to Hypertext and the Net the light of historical knowledge is accessible to everyone

Bart D. Ehrman - The Historical Jesus course.
Bart Ehrman - The History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon course.
Professor Bart Ehrman at 31.11 "Because what I lay out is not my...they are not my own idiosyncratic views. They are the views that historical scholars have had for many decades. But they aren't known to the general population..."

Christianity 0. - No text
Christianity 1. - Handwritten text
Christianity 2. - Printed text
Christianity 3. - Hypertext