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Text: "Of the most influential clinical trials 97% are commercially sponsored"
From 533 - Overdosed America: The Failed Promise Of American Medicine Dr. John Abramson at 06:57 "Eighty-five percent of clinical trials it's much worse Carl because 85% are now commercially funded and 97% of the most influential trials, the kind of trials that your listeners doctors are reading and making their decisions based upon, 97% of most influential clinical trials are commercially sponsored."

Text: 'Many journal authors don't get to see all the data from their own studies'
From City Club Presents Dr. John Abramson Dr. John Abramson at 8.01 "...the problem is that's allowed the drug companies to have virtual control over the way the research is done, the design of the research the analysis. So many of the authors that write the articles in the most respected journals, New England Journal of Medicine, journal of the American Medical Association. many of those authors do not get to see the data from their own studies except as it parceled out by the commercial sponsor. So the situation is now to the completion of the cycle where the largest commercial research organization are now being bought up by the advertising agencies."

Text: 'Continuing medical education 70% funded by drug companies' and 'In guidelines standards 59% of the experts have an active financial relationship with the drug being considered'
From Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety - full film Dr. John Abramson at 25:08 "...90% of the clinical studies are funded by the drug companies. 59% of the experts who write the clinical guidelines that create imperatives for us to follow have an active financial relationship with the drug being considered in the guideline process. about 70% of our continuing medical education that doctors participate to maintain their state licenses is funded by the drug companies. And we all know there's one drug rep for every 4 1/2 practicing doctor, so the drug companies are spending about 30 thousand dollars per doctor each year for marketing."

Text: 'Doctors have become pill heads, a pill fixes everything'
From The Truth about Drug Companies Dr. Marcia Angell at 44:58 "They learn 3 major things... They learn to practice a very drug intensive style of medicine. They learn that for every aliment and discontent there is a drug and there may be many drugs. In fact one of the worries I have about all of this is the degree of polypharmacy in this country now, particularly for older people. Many older people and taking not 1 drug but 4 or 5, 6 different drugs every day. And yet drugs are not tested in old people at all usually and when they are it's just one drug at a time but usually it's tested on younger people without comorbidities and without taking other drugs...The second thing we learn is that expensive new drugs are better than old ones despite the fact that as I pointed out there is seldom any evidence to this effect. And the third thing we learn is to use drugs of indications other than the indication for which it was approved."

Text: "Even small gifts influence behavior"
From How Financial Conflicts of Interest Endangers Our Profession Dr. Jerome P. Kassirer at 16:31 "Even small gifts influence behavior. The principles are that financial consideration should never compromise physician decision making in clinical care or research."

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