Eye macro image from flickr.com/photos/emzee/167706499/

image/svg+xml Vitamin A vital for vision

Red Head image from flickr.com/photos/bobjagendorf/6390122041/

image/svg+xml Some people have a 2 beta-carotene to 1 Vitamin A conversion rate

Carrots image from flickr.com/photos/grandgrrl/7719009276/

image/svg+xml Others have 20 to 1 conversion rate needing more beta-carotene

Liver with onion image from flickr.com/photos/silverman68/4931136305/

image/svg+xml Eating liver once a week meets the vitamin A requirements

Local butter image from flickr.com/photos/tinybanquet/884238307/

image/svg+xml Vitamin A also protects from: -environmental toxins -childhood asthma -fatty liver disease -kidney stones and prevents oxidative stress

Look Closer image from flickr.com/photos/mynameisharsha/2919862317/

image/svg+xml Vitamin A along with D and K2 make a great smile

Playing with the moon image from flickr.com/photos/vatyma/2639632612/

image/svg+xml RDA Women 2300 IU Men 3000 IU Be on your 'A' game

Window to your soul image from flickr.com/photos/leszekleszczynski/6404993309/

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